Sightseeing Trips and Excursions in Zillertal

So, what do Zillertal locals get up to when they are not hiking from mountain to mountain?
They party, of course! And Zillertalers have definitely mastered the art – in fact, they are famous for their warmth and hospitality!

That explains why there are so many festivals here in the valley, where living folk customs and the preservation of valued traditions plays such an important role; be that at Harvest Festival events, during Almabtrieb when we celebrate the safe return of cattle from their summer grazing grounds in the mountains, or other festivals hosted by local heritage groups and town bands.

The locals proudly sport their finest folk fashions, while there is never any shortage of excellent food and drinks.

Sennerei Zillertal
Erlebnistherme Zillertal

Arts and crafts in Tyrol

Famous far beyond Austria’s borders, Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens is always worth the trip. And since you are already out and about, be sure to pay a visit to the smallest town in Austria – Rattenberg. Glasses made by Riedel are produced in the nearby city of Kufstein. And Kufstein Castle is a definite must-see.

Wellness lovers find their own piece of heaven in the neighboring town of Fügen: The spa resort there offers a variety of sauna experiences, and is also a popular place for the whole family to enjoy a swim. Whether you decide to visit a nearby city or dedicate an entire day to wellness: that, of course, is entirely a matter of personal preference. Once thing is for sure, however: If you are looking for boredom, you are going to be out of luck!