Recreational activities in Mayrhofen


The recipe for a great vacation:
Take a good portion of nature, 140 km of slopes, 2 lifts, 33 bike paths and MTB trails, as well as 540 km of hiking paths.
Garnish with a vast array of restaurants and top off with laid-back bars for celebrating. Then sprinkle in some culture, customs, and concerts. These are holidays at their best. These are moments of pure happiness that you can cook up yourself... 

W as in winter or W as in walking in nature
... and W as in ‘wow!’ and ‘why not?’

So? - Are you ready?

Are you in the mood for a vacation in a retro style with all the trimmings but away from the mainstream accommodations? Right around the corner and in the middle of the all the action? Restful sleep in quiet, peaceful surroundings? No car and no waiting times?

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